Someone to Watch Over Me

My Carnal Life

Robert Brereton
Shaker Hymn, South Union, KY, 1838


I first saw this tune in a book of Shaker hymns I borrowed from friend and fellow dulcimer player, Thomasina Levy. ( I loved the haunting minor melody, although the words are a bit severe. My arrangement is included in Neal Hellman's "Music of the Shakers for Dulcimer" published by Mel Bay (;=&category;=&catID;=&head1;=&head2;=⊂=&sub1;=&author;=&mode;=&base;=&q=&r=&s=&next;=)


Although this is instrumental on the recording, I thought I'd include the lyrics here on the website.
Lyrics - Shaker Hymn
My carnal life I will lay down Because it is depraved. I'm sure on any other ground I never can be saved. My haughty spirit I'll subdue, I'll seek humiliation, And if I'm true my work to do I know I'll find salvation.
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