Blue Lion Instruments
No matter where I go, people always comment on the beauty of my dulcimer. The fine artists at Blue Lion Instruments made the instrument that I'm so proud to play.
Merryall Arts Center
So proud to serve on the board of directors of this wonderful organization in the Merryall Section of New Milford, CT
Madeline MacNeil
With the voice of an angel and the soul to match, Madeline has enchanted audiences with her music since 1972. Her music will lift your spirits and inspire you.
Dulcimer Players News
If you're at all interested in dulcimers, you *must* subscribe to this fine publication.
John C. Campbell Folk School
A treasure for learning about all traditional arts.
Dulcimer Sessions
A really great resource for information about dulcimers. Lots of free tab too! Check out my article on the chromatic 1-3-5 tuning and the tab for "Hello! Ma Baby"
Stephen Seifert
Lots of other great dulcimer information, links, and MUSIC from one of the finest dulcimer players ever.
Thomasina is a wonderful perfomer and teacher. She is the 2006 Connecticut State troubadour. Thomasina and I frequently perform together.
Lois Hornbostel
Too many feathers in her cap to metntion here. Just visit her site.
Mountain Dulcimer 1-3-5 home page
A treasure trove of information about the 1-3-5 tuning.
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